Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a Yacht

Using a yacht broker when buying a yacht will save you time and make the whole process as easy as possible for you. A knowledgeable yacht broker can take care of every detail of the purchase process. Using their extensive network of contacts and market knowledge your broker will find you suitable yachts based on your preferences and criteria, oversee contracts and get you the best deal. We offer expert advice on class and compliance, how to best organise your ownership structure, finding the most efficient finance platform and so much more.

Just as you’d test drive a car, test sailing is an important component of the buying process. It’s important to make sure that you’re choosing the right boat for you. Normally a test sail will take place once a formal offer to purchase has been presented. When you’re test sailing the owner of the boat will skipper the vessel, or he will choose a skipper for this purpose. From leaving the key side, a typical sea trial will take between 1 and 2 hours.

This varies per boat, with some included, some sold separately, some available to rent or some not at all. If you are a member of a club, you will be able to hire moorings from the club if and when they become available. Ordinarily, should you wish to rent a mooring from a club, you will need to be a member of that club.

Moorings are categorized from A to D. The smallest vessels are moored in A moorings, and the largest in D (with B and C escalating in size respectively). Additionally, catamarans generally require an extra wide mooring, or a double mooring.

How long it takes to find the perfect yacht is largely dependent on personal preferences and requirements. Once a broker understands the experience you want to achieve, they will work to find a suitable selection of yachts available in the market. Once you have found your yacht, the purchase process usually takes from six to eight weeks from contract to completion.
Sea trials and detailed surveys are all part of the purchase process. To avoid conflict of interest, it is our policy not to act as surveyors on behalf of our clients, however we will help you to retain the services of an appropriate team of experts, surveyors, engineers and (if necessary) electricians, fully reflecting the scope of survey you require.
Running costs vary widely depending on the size, build, age and condition of the yacht, as well as the level of maintenance that the owner wishes to perform annually. Once you have found a potential yacht, our team will be able to best advise on potential maintenance and running costs.

While it’s not a requirement, it’s highly advisable. We are affiliated with Club Marine Insurance Brokers, who have a plethora of experience in getting the best insurance deals, tailored to their clients needs. 

You’ll need to do this once every 12 months. You’ll either be able to do this through a member of your club, otherwise SAMSA offers this service as well.

Yes, you do. We can put you in contact with organizations who can help you attain one. 

Selling a Yacht

The number one reason to use a yacht broker when selling your yacht is to save you time and avoid any uncertainty during the sales process. Our knowledgeable yacht brokers have access to a worldwide network of brokerage houses to give your yacht the best visibility. We can take care of every detail of the sales process and offer advice based on years of experience in yacht sales. Cooperation is key, and your broker will manage relationships between all parties involved in the process.
The first step to selling a yacht is an effective marketing plan to target potential buyers and their associates. Your broker will liaise with the Ocean Independence marketing team to create this plan and will handle all enquiries, as well as scheduling and accommodating viewings. Once a buyer has been found and contracts negotiated, the Ocean Independence team will oversee contracts, sea trials, survey, completion and delivery to ensure a successful sale.
The amount of time that it takes to sell a yacht varies hugely depending on a number of important factors including price, location, age and condition. Using extensive knowledge of the yacht sales market, your broker can advise on all of these factors in order to best position your yacht for a successful sale. Once a potential buyer has been found, the sales process usually takes from six to eight weeks from contract to completion.
Brokers are familiar with all the paperwork requirements from the initial Offer to Purchase and Bill of Sale to licensing and registration; to paying tax, certificates of ownership, security agreements, and other documents needed to complete a sale. They also understand maritime and admiralty laws for the type of yachts they represent, as well as agency contracts, listing agreements, closing statements, deposit requirements and escrowed accounts to safeguard funds
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